Fire Warden

Every business must have a designated ‘Responsible Person’ whose job it is to makes sure certain duties are carried out, and that action is taken to both prevent fires and prevent injury or death if a fire actually occurs.
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 FIRECHIEF AB3020 - Fire Warden reflective armband
This reflective photoluminescent fire warden armband is a really useful item for fire wardens when coordinating evacuation procedures.
FIRECHIEF FWB1 - Premium Fire Warden Kit
This premium fire warden kit contains everything a fire warden or fire marshal should need to carry out their responsibility.
FIRECHIEF HVC/FW - Fire Warden Cap
High visibility baseball caps are a good way to enable fire wardens to be identified in crowded conditions.
FIRECHIEF HVW1/FW-L - High Visibility Fire Warden Waistcoat
Fire warden high visibility waistcoats give ultimate prominence to a fire warden as it gives them a large area of high visibility material
FIRECHIEF LSK1 - EL 10 Emergency 30 minute light sticks
Emergency lightsticks are a great light source in emergency situations. The hexagonal plastic tube contains chemical inside which reacts when the tube is bent or 'snapped' to give of instant light.
FIRECHIEF TFW1 - Telescopic Fire Warden Sign
Telescopic fire warden signs are used by fire wardens to signal their position when in a crowded area.
FIRECHIEF WKE1 - Fire Warden Basic Kit
This economy fire warden kit carries the bare essentials required for a fire warden.
Reflective Warning Triangle
Legal Requirement for vehicles in many European countries