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Fire Alarm Installation

No two buildings are the same and your Company’s fire alarm system needs to be designed with your unique needs in mind. While there are many types of fire alarms for businesses to choose from, the following are the most common.

Non –Addressable or Conventional Systems.

These alarms are best suited for smaller buildings, generally including 35 devices or less.

Addressable Systems.

These fire alarms are most commonly seen in large buildings and can be programmed for a wide range of functions, including closing fire doors and shutting down gas and ventilation systems.

Radio Systems.

Radio installations are recommended for buildings where additional wiring installations are either not allowed or would not be desirable, for example, churches, stately homes and listed buildings.
Each of our alarm systems are in full compliance with British Standard 5839.

Fire Alarm Systems.

Aquarius Fire uses only the highest quality equipment and fit all systems in compliance with British Standard 5839 in order to reduce the risk of false alarms as much as possible. You will receive detailed specifications and a proposed layout of the system before we proceed further.


Prior to delivery of the system, it is commissioned in compliance with British Standard 5839, ensuring that the fire alarm installation meets the system’s design specifications and is properly installed. The system will also be thoroughly tested and if necessary, customers will be provided with instructions on operating the system.
The required commission certificates, operating manual and log book will then be issued. In case of emergencies the number for our 24 hour emergency helpline is placed on the system’s front panel for easy access.