Intercall 600

The Intercall 600 system is currently the best-selling non-speech nursecall system in the UK, and the only one to be recommended by the National Care Association.

Its success is in its simplicity:

The Intercall 600 system is easy to install with a simple two-wire system and can be retro-fitted easily to existing wiring. It is designed to be completely user-friendly for both staff and patients alike. What's more, with five call levels, programmable text, call logging and the ability to incorporate up to 215 call points, the Intercall 600 system is one of the most comprehensive systems on the market.

Each call unit is equipped with staff presence facillity enabling staff to be located via any of the visual display units, a powerfull aid especially during the night when less staff are on duty.

The Liquid Crystal Display units give clear textual indication of call priority, location and the identity of the caller, together with audible indication of the call type, giving the care manager total control over every situation that arises within the home or hospital.

Door Monitoring is available, whether it be for external doors or drugs cabinets. This allows controlled management or notification of egress from the building or any unauthorised access to perscribed medicins.

A full dementia package is an optional extra.

Main Features

  • PC Based or Desktop Printer Call Event Logging
  • Multi-level alarms - Call, Assistance, Emergency, Priority
  • Door Monitoring
  • Optional I/P Based Power Supply with full user interface
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AD1 Adapter Plate
Double gang to single gang conversion plate. Ideally where old call systems are replaced/upgraded.
BB1 Back Box
Profile back box for various Intercall 600 and 700 units.
M1 Magnetic Door Contact
Installed in conjunction with door monitoring unit or call point and isolation switches.
MR1 Magnetic Reset Key
For use with 733 door monitoring unit or 622M call point.
TIR4 Infra Red Trigger
Designed to be worn by residents or staff, the unit can generate a Nursecall activation with the simple press of a button.